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How To Be An ALCTS Leader

Information and documentation for ALCTS leaders.

Interest Group Vice Chair

The vice-chair's role during the first year is to support and shadow the chair, make suggestions on topics and speakers. In the event that the chair cannot perform his/her required duties, the vice-chair must assume them.

Interest Group Chair Responsibilities

The chair of the interest group is responsible for planning a program/meeting at both the Midwinter and Annual Conference during the incumbent's year as chair. The chair is required to attend Midwinter and Annual meetings.

Pre-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Research current developments or trends in the area to solicit speakers and/or discussion leaders with expertise/experience with the development/trend. 
  • At least three months (October 1 for MW, March 1 for Annual) prior to each ALA meeting, the chair should solicit presentations giving a deadline for submissions. Ask for title, abstract, presenters' names, positions, and institutions.
  • Collect submissions.  After the submission deadline, choose presenters and determine their order.  Notify presenters with confirmation that they have been accepted. Ask if they will bring their own computers, presentation document, and if they will be willing to submit their presentations after the conference to post on Connect.
  • Publish (to ALCTS-IG and other relevant electronic lists) an agenda no later than one month prior to each meeting. 
  • Meeting dates and times must be confirmed for Midwinter and Annual during the time frame announced by ALCTS.
  • Room configuration must also be confirmed. The standard large IG meeting set for AV is a projector, screen, table and podium with mike, computer and internet connection.  

At-Conference Responsibilities:

  • At time of presentation, arrive early at the room & get A/V set up. 
  • When session begins, welcome the presenters and audience, introduce self and fellow officers. Introduce presenters briefly with where they are from and their presentation topic.  Tell audience format of presentations: e.g., three speakers will speak in succession; save questions for all three for end of the session. 
  • Tell audience that you are sending around sign-up sheet (include 3 columns: Name, Institution, E-mail address).   

Post-Conference Responsibilities:

  • Collect presentation slides from presenters and post to Connect.
  • Submit a written report to ALCTS News following each meeting. 

Leadership Transition:

  • During or after the Annual meeting, the chair should run the election for the incoming vice-chair position. Call for nominations and/or volunteers either at the meeting or via listservs, or both.
  • The chair should coordinate activities with the vice-chair and solicit advice from the vice-chair. The chair must mentor the vice-chair in the process. 
  • The chair must notify the ALCTS office of any changes to the group's leadership so the member database can be updated.  The chair will be subscribed by the ALCTS Office to the ALCTS-IG listserv, used by the ALCTS Office to convey information to chairs.
  • The Connect space must be updated as well. Outgoing chairs should make the new chair an Admin before they relinquish their Admin rights.