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ALCTS Mentoring Program: Mentees

Resources for mentors and mentees as they participate in the ALCTS Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Framework

Each of the four linear phases includes a list of tasks and responsibilities both mentor and mentee should undertake to ensure a positive, productive mentoring experience. This technology-neutral framework is used for the ALCTS Mentoring Program combined with additional readings and guidance to customize the experience. 

This Mentoring Framework was developed by the 2015 ALA Emerging Leaders as part of their project for ALCTS. 


  • Why do you want to be mentored?
  • How much time can you commit?
  • What type of mentoring relationship are you seeking?
  • Set personal goals


  • Know your schedule and plan accordingly
  • Discuss expectations - confidentiality and boundaries
  • Share career aspirations and goals
  • Get to know your mentor - ask questions


  • Respond to prompts and questions
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Accept constructive feedback
  • Work on meeting your goals


  • Plan for closure
  • Reflect on growth and goals
  • Celebrate successes and talk about your future
  • Are you ready to mentor others?